Does Audible Offer a Family Plan for Multiple Users?

Yes, audible offers a family plan for multiple users, allowing up to two adults and four children to access audiobooks with a single membership. The audible family plan is a cost-effective option for households looking to share audiobook purchases and save money.

With this plan, each family member can have their own audible account, personal library, and customized listening experience. This allows everyone to enjoy audiobooks and podcasts on their preferred devices and at their preferred times. Whether it’s for road trips, family reading time, or personal enjoyment, the audible family plan offers a convenient way to share the love of storytelling with your loved ones.

Does Audible Offer a Family Plan for Multiple Users?


Benefits Of Audible Family Plan

Shared membership plans offer a range of benefits that can enhance the audible experience for families. With an audible family plan, you can enjoy increased savings, access to the same audiobooks for all family members, and flexible listening options tailored to each individual.

Let’s explore these benefits in more detail:

Increased Savings Through Shared Membership

  • Save money by sharing your audible membership with your family. With an audible family plan, you can invite up to five family members to join your membership at no additional cost.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a single subscription fee while providing access to multiple users, making it a cost-effective option for families who love audiobooks.
  • Each family member maintains their own audible account, ensuring personalized recommendations and preferences, while still benefiting from a shared membership.

Access To The Same Audiobooks For All Family Members

  • With an audible family plan, the entire family can access a wide selection of audiobooks from audible’s extensive library. Everyone can listen to their favorite titles without any restrictions.
  • Share the joy of discovering new stories, genres, and authors with your loved ones. Whether it’s a thrilling mystery, an inspiring self-help book, or a captivating novel, everyone can explore the same audiobooks simultaneously.
  • Multiple users can access the same title at the same time, making it easy to enjoy family listening sessions or discuss shared literary experiences.

Flexible Listening Options For Each Family Member

  • Each family member can personalize their listening experience with an audible family plan. Everyone has the freedom to choose their preferred audiobooks, genres, and narrators.
  • Customize your listening time by adjusting the playback speed. Whether you prefer a leisurely pace or a quicker listen, audible offers options to suit everyone.
  • Listen to audiobooks seamlessly across various devices. Switch between your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and pick up right where you left off. Syncing your progress ensures a smooth transition between devices for every family member.
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Experience the benefits of an audible family plan today and transform the way your family enjoys audiobooks. From shared savings to access to the same audiobooks for all family members, audible offers a flexible and convenient listening experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sign up and immerse your family in the world of storytelling with audible.

How To Set Up An Audible Family Plan

Creating An Audible Household For Multiple Users

Setting up an audible family plan allows you to share your audiobook collection with your loved ones. Here’s how you can create an audible household for multiple users:

  • Login to your audible account on the audible website.
  • Navigate to the “account details” section.
  • Look for the “household” option and click on “create household”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your audible household.
  • You will be prompted to invite family members to join.

Inviting Family Members To Join The Audible Family Plan

After creating your audible household, it’s time to invite your family members to join the audible family plan. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the “household” section in your audible account.
  • Click on “manage members” or “invite an adult” depending on your preference.
  • Enter the email addresses of the family members you want to invite.
  • Send the invitations and wait for your family members to accept the invitations.
  • Once accepted, your family members will be able to access your audiobook collection and enjoy all the benefits of the audible family plan.

Managing Audible Subscriptions And Payments

As the owner of the audible family plan, you have the responsibility of managing subscriptions and payments for all the members in your household. Here’s how you can effectively manage audible subscriptions and payments:

  • Access your audible account and navigate to the “household” section.
  • Click on “manage members” or “manage payment methods”.
  • To add or remove family members, use the “manage members” option.
  • To update payment methods, select the “manage payment methods” option.
  • Follow the instructions provided to make any necessary changes.
  • Ensure that all subscription payments are made on time to avoid interruptions in service.

Remember, setting up an audible family plan and managing it efficiently allows you and your loved ones to enjoy a vast collection of audiobooks without the need for individual accounts. Make the most out of this convenient feature and embark on a shared listening experience with your family!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Audible Family Plan

Can Family Members Have Separate Accounts?

Yes, family members can have separate accounts within the audible family plan. Each family member can maintain their own individual audible account, allowing them to personalize their library, preferences, and recommendations. This ensures that everyone can enjoy their preferred audiobooks and have a personalized experience on the platform.

How Many Family Members Can Be Included In The Audible Family Plan?

The audible family plan allows up to two adults and up to four children or teens to be included in the plan. This means that a total of six individuals can share the same plan and access the vast library of audiobooks offered by audible.

Each family member can have their own account, providing flexibility and a personalized experience for everyone.

Is There A Difference In Features Between The Individual And Family Plans?

While both the individual and family plans provide access to the extensive audible library, there are a few differences in features between the two plans. Here are the key distinctions:

  • Shared credits: In the audible family plan, the adults can share their monthly credits with other family members. This allows for a more flexible distribution of credits, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their favorite audiobooks.
  • Easy sharing: With the family plan, it’s effortless to share audiobooks among family members. Family library sharing enables adults to seamlessly share their purchased titles and listen to audiobooks from other family members’ shared libraries.
  • Sync and whispersync for voice: The family plan also includes the convenient sync and whispersync for voice features. This means that family members can easily switch between reading the ebook and listening to the audio version, without losing their progress. The synchronization ensures a seamless transition across devices.
  • Control and privacy: Each family member under the audible family plan retains control over their account, including their payment information, preferences, and privacy settings. This ensures that everyone can personalize their audible experience according to their individual needs and preferences.

Overall, the audible family plan offers a convenient and cost-effective way for families to enjoy audiobooks together while still allowing each family member to maintain their own account and preferences. It’s a perfect solution for households that want to share the joy of immersive storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Audible Offer A Family Plan For Multiple Users?

Can I Create A Shared Audible Account For My Family?

Yes, audible offers a family plan that allows you to share an account with up to five family members. Each member will have their own library and can listen to audiobooks simultaneously.

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How Much Does The Audible Family Plan Cost?

The audible family plan is priced at $14. 95 per month. This monthly fee covers one credit, which can be redeemed for any audiobook, and access to audible’s extensive library of titles.

Can Each Family Member Have Their Own Audible Subscription Within The Family Plan?

No, the audible family plan allows multiple family members to share a single subscription. Each member will have their own individual account and library, but it will all be tied to the main subscription holder.

How Do I Add Family Members To My Audible Family Plan?

To add family members to your audible family plan, simply invite them via email. They will receive an invitation to join your account and can create their own individual profiles within the shared subscription.

Can Family Members Listen To Audiobooks Simultaneously With The Audible Family Plan?

Yes, family members can listen to audiobooks simultaneously with the audible family plan. Each member has their own individual account and can access their own library of audiobooks, allowing for multiple users to enjoy different titles at the same time.

Can Family Members Use Different Devices To Listen To Audiobooks?

Absolutely! With the audible family plan, each family member can listen to audiobooks on their own preferred device. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer, everyone can enjoy their audiobooks wherever and whenever they choose.


Audible does indeed offer a family plan for multiple users. This plan allows up to six family members to share an audible membership, providing access to a vast library of audiobooks and exclusive benefits. With the family plan, each member has their own individual account, retaining their personal preferences, bookmarks, and listening history.

This makes it convenient for families who want to enjoy audiobooks together while still having their own personalized experience. Furthermore, the family plan offers cost-saving benefits, as it is more economical to have multiple users sharing a single membership rather than purchasing separate memberships for each family member.

Overall, audible’s family plan is an excellent option for families who want to make the most out of their audiobook experience by enjoying a wide range of titles and saving money in the process. Start exploring audible’s family plan today and dive into a world of captivating stories that the whole family can enjoy.